A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Pay2Win - A RAY Jam Game 2016 is a game we created in a two (or three, including the idea guy) man team at the first game jam held by the Finnish Slot Machine Association (RAY) at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

It is a simple slot machine-type game that blends in modern Pay-to-Win monetization: you play as a knight, and the more money you pay, the higher the chance for your character to get better equipment, and the better their chances in winning against the game's boss, the dragon.

The game is written in C++ using SDL2. The source code is included in the distribution. The reason the distribution is so large in size is due to the audio files, which are in WAV format.

Install instructions

Download and extract the .7z file, which includes a Win32 build as well as a Linux build. The Windows build should work on most Windows machines, but the Linux build has only been tested on a single machine and does not include the dynamically linked libraries used by the application.

The executable files are found in the Build directory (see the readme included.)


raygamejamgame.7z 69 MB