A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This two-player game requires a single keyboard to play and has two phases.

The first phase is much like a runner game where each one of the two players runs in a separate direction, dodging obstacles and collecting powerups, which decrease and increase their number of hearts (health) respectively.

After a while, the players will crash with each other, beginning a fist-fight which is the second phase. Here the players must each spam their jump/punch keys until one of the players has no hearts left.

The game was the result of a 2 night game jam held by Kajak Games.

Install instructions

The distribution includes a Windows executable (app.exe) and a Linux executable (app). The Windows-version is ready to run, the Linux version will require SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_mixer.

Source code and makefiles ('Makefile' for cl, 'GNUmakefile' for gcc) are also included.


kajak_gamesin_syksy_peli_jami_peli.7z 11 MB


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