A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Update (2nd August 2017)

Added a new Linux build, with version 0.6.1 (protocol is compatible with 0.6.0)! This version features some attempts at making the game run on more GPU drivers, along with the improvements mentioned in the last update. The game should also no longer be reliable on as many shared libraries - they've been packed into the distribution. There was a deadlock (freeze) bug with the server on GNU/Linux earlier, and it's possible it still exists. Once I get to test on a proper machine, I'll try to find the bug and squash it if it didn't get fixed yet. Additionally, the Windows version was also pushed to version 0.6.1.

If you've tried running the program on Linux before and it didn't work, it just may work now with the added shared libraries.

Update (1st August 2017)

Windows version updated to 0.6.0. This update features improvements to client-side prediction (input reconciliation), as well as slight performance improvements. In addition, the outline shader should now also affect other players' weapons. The GNU/Linux version's server has a freeze bug for the moment, which I'll try to get fixed soon (version 0.5.0's protocol is not compatible with 0.6.0.)

Update (30th July 2017)

Updated the Windows version - included a missing DLL,
attempted to make the renderer work on different GPUs and improved
networked gameplay a little bit.


Karistys is a prototype of a fast-paced 3D arena first person shooter. It was created as a demo for the Kyssari engine, a game engine project written in four months as an exercise in learning more about game engines by a bunch of students.

The multiplayer portion of the game was written in as little a time as two or three weeks; hence its an extremely early prototype - a stage I (nor others) cannot promise it will ever rise up from. I or other people may still implement the occasional feature or fix or two, but nothing is promised.

The gameplay is, to be honest, pretty awful and written by people with no prior experience in network programming. It lacks a lot of features, like proper lag compensation for shots, and is likely a buggy mess. This was intended as a tech demo and an exercise, not much else.

Note that this is a multiplayer game, currently for up to 4 players
(though there's a singleplayer sandbox for testing the physics and
weapons.) The distribution includes a server executable that must be run
on a machine the players can connect to (for instance, on the machine
of one of said players.)

The code of the engine and the game are both licenced under the GPL version 3 and are hence free and open source software. The code is available at: https://gitlab.com/Partanen/ky...

Install instructions

The distribution includes both, the server and the client executables (see readme.txt). To be able to play multiplayer, you have to run the server on one machine and have the client(s) connect to that machine. You can also run a client on the same machine that runs the server.

To tell the client the address of the server, modify the connect.conf file in the game's root directory. The format of the file is: 'hostname =' (without the quotation marks).

Playing the single player 'demo', which allows you to jump around and test weapons  freely, does not require a connection to a server.

Note: there may be issues (at least for now, since I have no system to test changes on) with some GPU drivers where, inside the game after the menu, textures and models do not show up correctly, making the demo unplayable. On GNU/Linux, problems have also been detected on some older cards using Nouveau drivers. In the  case this happens, no can do, for the moment at least!


karistys_0_6_1_win32.7z (49 MB)
karistys_0_6_1_gnulinux.tar.gz (83 MB)
karistys_0_6_2b_win32_untested.7z (49 MB)

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